Inspector-Quality Assurance

ID: 81   |   Job Posted on: 18 Jul, 2022

Description of Role

Perform in process, cosmetic or incoming visual inspection on circuit board assemblies and components to verify; solder joint integrity and component values to meet IPC-A-610 standard requirements and build specifications. Train new department employees.

Key Responsibilities of the role

Specific duties and responsibilities Identify processes, situations, etc., where organization is meeting requirements, as well as identify opportunities for improvement

  • Perform in-process audits on production processes for compliance with quality requirements
  • Perform in process, final and first-article inspections to IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620, Class 2 and 3 or cosmetic inspections to released drawings, procedures and customer specifications.
  • Complete required inspection records, reports and transactions. Record Pass/Fail/ Reject parts on workshop travelers and log into applicable database for data collection purposes. Ensuring good manufacturing practices and good documentation practices are maintained.
  • Determine if product is non-conforming and communicate with team regarding defect information to improve quality
  • Ability to comprehend drawings specifications, bill of materials (BOM), engineering change order (ECO), and documented instruction (redlines) to inspect circuit boards, PCB’s, components and subassemblies as required

Work environment and conditions, travel, potential hazards

  • This is an electronics field service and manufacturing environment that requires the use of safety devices including glasses with side shields and ESD equipment/clothing
  • Lead solder, isopropyl alcohol, flux, RTV, various adhesives

Key Competencies

quipment used

  • PC and printer
  • AOI
  • Microscopes or other magnifying devices
  • Aqueous wash equipment
  • Measuring equipment (calipers, gauges, micrometers)
  • Mirrors, tweezers and other various hand tools

Qualifications - Minimum

  • (1) years previous inspection experience
  • Color vision
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English
  • Hand to eye coordination and good depth perception
  • Must have an eye for detail and above-average analytical ability; strong analytical and problem solving abilities are a must. Multi-tasking and Detail
  • Experience working with small parts and good manual dexterity
  • IPC certified (current)
  • Must be able to work well with people at all levels of the organization
  • Must be able to work independently and as part of a diverse team

Qualifications - Preferred

  • (1) years previous inspection experience

Application Form

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