Electronics Assembler

ID: 84   |   Job Posted on: 18 Jul, 2022

Description of Role

Specific duties and responsibilities

  • Perform soldering, prep and assembly work to current IPC standards
  • Perform in-line quality inspection of work to current IPC standards
  • Position, align and solder electronic components in a specific relationship to each other.
  • Connects component lead wires to printed circuit or routes and connects wires between individual component leads and other components, connectors, terminals, and contact points, using soldering or related bonding procedures and equipment.
  • Perform appropriate duties as assigned by management
  • Maintain a safe and clean work space
  • Follow established safety rules, departmental procedures and work instructions

Work environment and conditions, travel, potential hazards

  • This is an electronics field service and manufacturing environment that requires the use of safety devices including glasses with side shields and ESD equipment/clothing.
  • Lead solder and paste, isopropyl alcohol, flux, RTV, various adhesives

Key Responsibilities of the role

Equipment used

  • Soldering Iron, Hot air pen
  • Air powered RTV dispenser
  • Microscope and/or magnifying glass
  • UV curing station
  • X-Ray
  • Miscellaneous Hand tools (screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers)
  • Aqueous wash equipment

Qualifications - Minimum

  • Color vision
  • Ability to accurately read no load drawings and bill of materials for specified product
  • IPC Certified (Current / Attained)
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English
  • Team-oriented and self-directed

Qualifications – Preferred

  • Previous experience in a manufacturing setting
  • 6 mos previous experience soldering in a manufacturing field
  • Knowledge of IPC IPC-7711 / IPC-7721 rework standards

Key Competencies

Application Form

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